Human Gyroscopes in South Africa

The human gyroscope was first patented in 1907. It is used for equilibrioception (balance) training for pilots and astronauts. The first human gyroscopes which were sold into the American civilian market were called Orbitrons. No training was available.

This is a unique franchise business model and opportunity for the health and fitness industry that is extremely difficult to copy or replicate with ease for a number of reasons:

  • We are market leaders in the highly specialised field of human gyroscopic propulsion.
  • Training programmes and therapies that are unique and specific to us emanating from many years of research.
  • Copyright on all programmes and our franchise model.
  • Whole new range of equipment with registered patent rights.
  • Smaller facilities closer to the end user requiring much lower start up costs.
  • Expand as you grow your market

What does the majority of the target market demand?

  • Convenience. An exercise and therapy facility within walking distance of home or office.
  • Guaranteed results in the shortest possible time. 10-15 minutes a day is do-able.
  • Constant back therapy
  • An effective weight loss method
  • Relief from stress and fatigue
  • Safe toning and stretching
  • Training without having to change into "gym" kit
  • Affordable facilities
  • Personalised service and instruction
  • A multitude of health benefits originating from one condensed training session
  • Fun and enjoyable sessions
  • Catering for and personalising the service offering specific to people suffering from injuries and disabilities.


  • To qualify to operate a ProActiv Living Franchise you need to have a love and passion for helping people who want to enhance the quality of their lives.
  • Willingness to undergo our stringend training programme and adhere to our standards of operational requirements.


  • We will train you in all aspects of running a franchise gym.
  • We will train you in all programmes administered on the Equilibrium Gyro.
  • We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the highest standards of service delivery are met all the time.